Proceedings of the International Geometry Center

ISSN-print: 2072-9812
ISSN-online: 2409-8906
ISO: 26324-2012


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1112Bypassing dynamical systems: a simple way to get the box-counting dimension of the graph of the Weierstrass functioneng10.15673/tmgc.v11i2.1028
2112Moyal and Rankin-Cohen deformations of algebraseng10.15673/tmgc.v11i2.1027
3112On measures of nonplanarity of cubic graphseng10.15673/tmgc.v11i2.1026
4112A calculation of periodic data of surface diffeomorphisms with one saddle orbiteng10.15673/tmgc.Б11i2.1025
51112F-planar mappings of pseudo- Riemannian spaces with f-structurerus10.15673/tmgc.v11i1.918
6111The existence of the surface with edge in Minkowsky space with the given Grassman imagerus10.15673/tmgc.v11i1.917
7111Trajectory equivalence of optimal Morse flows on closed surfaceseng10.15673/tmgc.v11i1.916
8111A Generalized Palais-Smale Condition in the Fr\'{e}chet space settingeng10.15673/tmgc.v11i1.915
9103-4On canonical quasi-geodesic mappings of recurrent-parabolic spacesrus10.15673/tmgc.v10i3-4.773
10103-4Invariant objects of holomorphically projective transformations of LCK-manifoldsukr10.15673/tmgc.v10i3-4.772
11103-4Integrable geodesic flows on tubular sub-manifoldseng10.15673/tmgc.v10i3-4.770
12103-4Some remarks concerning strongly separately continuous functions on spaces ℓ_p with p ∊ [1;+∞]eng10.15673/tmgc.v10i3-4.769
13102Объем конечного ортогонального h-конуса в гиперболическом пространстве положительной кривизныrus10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.654
14102О "шестиугольных" решениях некоторых уравнений математической физикиrus10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.653
15102Властивості спряжених функцій у гіперкомлексному просторіukr10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.652
16102Characterization of striped surfacesukr10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.651
17102Warped product semi-slant submanifolds in locally conformal Kaehler manifoldseng10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.650
18102On colorings and isometrieseng10.15673/tmgc.v10i2.649
19101The equivalence of the affine classification and classification with the help of the Grassman image of the points of the surfaces in the Minkowski spacerus10.15673/tmgc.v1i10.550
20101Morse-Smale flows on the torus with a holeukr10.15673/tmgc.v1i10.549